Cascada Coffee: A New Coffee Place in Mecidiyekoy…No WiFi for Foreigners, though

This is what happens when a foreigner tries to connect with the internet at Cascada.

This is what happens when a foreigner tries to connect with the internet at Cascada.


Perhaps one of best addresses for a coffee shop in Mecidiyekoy is the Cascada Coffee on Buyukdere Cadessi, next to one of the busiest (and dangerous) cross-walks in the neighborhood.

They opened in October, 2014 in the newly remodeled NT Store, and effectively replacing the quiet but good Kahvegene. While the former coffee shop had been on the first floor (2nd floor according to the rest of the world), Cascada is on the ground floor (what I would call the 1st floor).

The layout is a bit tight, and I don’t know what it would be like on a crowded day, but the back corner is just perfect for a private conversation or to write this review. The furniture is comfortable and the music is a soft-jazzy, New Age format (which surprised me since the bookstore is noted for its conservative values). It was loud enough to make the sound of the sirens along the main street (or the elevated E-5, sound like they were part of the repertoire).

The coffee is very nice. I had a cappuccino and the price (6.50 TL) and the flavor make me prefer this over many other coffee places in Mecidiyekoy.

One thing was disturbing, however: No WiFi for Foreigners. The first thing I did upon entering the store was to ask, “WiFi var ma (“Do you have WiFi?”),” and I was told, “evet (“yes”).” I ordered my cappuccino and was told that the WiFi was only for people from Turkey. I asked to clarify, and was told that I had to have a Turkish ID number in order to use the WiFi. I responded with a snarky, “You must not want Foreigners,” but the gentle barista (who made an excellent cappuccino, but I’ve already mentioned that) said, “Yes. I mean ‘No.’”

Whatever the reason they don’t want to offer WiFi to foreigners may be legitimate, and maybe that is one of the reasons why Cascada was empty at 3:30 in the afternoon. But, for an oasis away from WiFi, and a place to enjoy a great cup of coffee, I really recommend this place. I plan to bring my wife here for a date, soon (I hope the back corner is free, again)!

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