A Delightful Café and a Wonderful Cup of Coffee: Ministry of Coffee, Nişantaşı, Istanbul


One of our dear friends, Hatice (pronounced “hah-tee-jay”) testified to us a few weeks ago about a wonderful coffee shop in her neighborhood (about 15 minutes by taxi from Nations Church, Istanbul). So this evening, Clover and I entered the “Ministry.”

At first I wondered if we should come back later, as the place was full of mainly “20-30 something” aficionados and spilling out onto half a dozen sidewalk tables. “If I had my own coffee shop,” I thought to myself, “I would want it to be this popular. “


Once inside we found a table and awaited Hatice’s arrival. The wait staff was very professional, friendly, and many of them even spoke English.

We enjoyed iced coffee, an iced chili mocha and an incredible cappuccino. The tiramisu was tasty and the sesame seed-coated spinach & goat cheese borek was fabulous.


The décor was part café, part art gallery and part library. The WC was clean, interesting and functional.

The prices are slightly higher than other coffee shops, but while sitting there this evening, I thought I had entered another time dimension in which Starbucks, Caribou, Gloria Jeans and Caffe Nero do not exist. The neighborhood, Nişantaşı is a busy and fashionable district, but this shop was in the residential area. It reminded me of Richmond, Virginia’s Fan District.


I am looking forward to entering the “Ministry,” again.

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One Response to A Delightful Café and a Wonderful Cup of Coffee: Ministry of Coffee, Nişantaşı, Istanbul

  1. Ludmila says:

    This is a cool writing, thank you! I wonder about another coffee shop, i heart that they are in the same location. Please tell me about Own Coffee Company, what do you think about it? Besides that coffee shop is english?

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