Legend Potato — Heartwarming Comfort Food

ImageThis week, while visiting my hometown, I learned about “Legend Potato” in the food court at Regency Square.


Legend Potato is a place where you can buy a baked potato and stuff it with ingredients that many people already expect to stuff a potato with (as well as a few other items that would be new to the American palate).



The owners are a married international couple from two countries that I personally love and have invested my life in: Turkey and Kazakhstan.


Ortakoy, Istanbul, Turkey…the home of the Kumpir

Legend Potato serves what Americas would call a “loaded baked potato,” but in Kazakhstan  it is known as “kumpir.” When we moved to Istanbul in 2011, we learned that the “kumpir” is a Turkish idea  that started in the idyllic community of Ortakoy, along the Bosphorus.


Kumpir are baked potatoes in which you can add corn and meat and even pickled cabbage. My daughters commented last night how wonderful it is to add potato salad to a baked potato,

Imageeven though it seems odd and redundant (by the way, potato salad is called “Olivi-ay” in Kazakhstan, but the Turks call it “American Salad”).


Legend Potato offers meat lovers baked potatoes and also a baked potato with chili on top, and with the many other available ingredients, there are countless combinations that one could try.


Although the food is heartwarming and tasty, what I liked even more about my visits was the welcoming manner of the dear proprietors: ImageMurat and Rita (Murat, by the way, used to work in the neighborhood where we live and next to Nations Church).

Although I return to Turkey on Monday, I hope to see my new friends when I am again visiting Virginia.



By the way, they also serve loaded sweet potatoes and dessert waffles. Sweet potatoes are not easily found in either Kazakhstan or Turkey, but Legend Potato serves these with pride.



And you get free refills on fountain drinks: free refills are not regularly found in Turkey and are almost non-existent in Kazakhstan.



I encourage you to visit Legend Potato at Regency Square, Richmond, VA. And you can like them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/legendpotato


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