Sütiş Kebap Dünyası: Perhaps My Favorite Turkish Restaurant in Taksim

photo 2 photo 1I have been a lover of Turkish cuisine since the late 80s when I ate at a Turkish restaurant for the first time in Virginia Beach, VA. Once we moved to Almaty, Kazakhstan, we became regular patrons of several Turkish restaurants (our all time favorite in Almaty was Sancak).

In Taksim (Istanbul, Turkey) there are many enjoyable restaurants and coffee shops, and my absolute favorite is Sütiş Kebap Dünyası.

Sometimes when friends are visiting, we take them to various places and this one is great! Today we shared a couple great salads, one mixed grill portion and the absolute best Iskender kebab. The meat on both plates was superbly prepared, and even though I am still full, while I write this, I am actually salivating from the memory!

We chose this restaurant, also, because it has great künefe. We shared one portion and also a portion of kaymaklı ekmek kadayıfı. Topped off with cups of Turkish tea, it was the perfect ending to a perfect day (we had enjoyed a great worship service at Nations Church, Istanbul, and visited the Spice Bazaar).

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