Kahve Dunyası (Cemal Sahir Caddesi)

Time of the review: October 30 (16:30-18:00); October 31 (18:00-18:30; 20:30-22:00)

Coffee Quality: I drank two cappuccinos on these occasions and found them to be smooth and non-bitter. The foam was very good.

Coffee Choices: There are several drinks on the menu. I have enjoyed their Turkish coffee and their Buzlu Mocha, and found them to be delicious.

I found their salep to be tasty.

Atmosphere & location: This is very convenient for Halic University and for Nations Church.

Extras: Currently they are placing complimentary candy coated coffee beans on the table, and they served a chocolate with one of the cappuccinos. They served a chocolate covered piece of Turkish Delight with my salep.

I shared a sandwich and a spinach quiche with my wife and we loved it.

Service: The staff is friendly and helpful

Bathrooms: The men’s room was presentable and modern.

Likelihood of a return visit: Very high likelihood, as I am a fan of this cafe and it is very convenient for my office.kahve dunyasi photo





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