Where to Have a Great Cup of Coffee in Mecidiyekoy, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is the most significant bridge between Europe and Asia, and Mecidiyekoy is possibly the most significant crossroads in all of Istanbul.

I estimate that 1.8 million people pass through Mecidiyekoy every day. There are four malls (Cevahir, Trump Towers, Astoria Towers and Profilo), several universities (Bilgi, Halic, Fatih, among others) and two bus terminals. As well, the E-5 Highway connecting Europe and Asia is elevated above the prominent street of Buyukdere. The metro runs under Buyukdere while the Metrobus runs along the E-5.

There are numerous places where one may have a cup of coffee in Mecidiyekoy. I have put together of list of characteristics that I have observed over the month of November, 2013. I do not desire to criticize any establishment, but rather wish to list only the positive qualities (hence, one may infer the negative qualities without me spelling them out).

But first, what about me? What are my qualifications?


Avid coffee drinker since 1981

Owner of various coffee makers (filter brewer since 1987, cappuccino maker since 1998, French Press since 2011)

Have enjoyed coffee in twenty-two nations on five continents

Have lived outside of my home country since 1996

Born in the 1960s

CHARACTERISTICS OF A GOOD COFFEE SHOP (I will review in these areas)

Coffee quality

Coffee choices

Atmosphere & location





Kahve Dunyasi (3 locations)

Mado (4 locations)

Lavazza (2 locationt)

John’s Coffee (1 location)

Cakild’s Coffee (1 location)

Starbucks (6 locations)

Caffe Nero (2 locations)

Kahvegene (1 location)


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