Papa Found It

Papa Found It
One day I received a phone call from Raikhan. She is the educational director at the orphanage where my family and I have served as volunteers. Raikhan asked if I knew where a certain sign was. We had made the sign for an awareness concert a few months previous. At the director’s request, I had given the sign to the orphanage. However, the sign had not been displayed, yet, and now the director was asking for it. I told Raikhan that I had not seen the sign since I had given it to them.

She was very concerned. The director not only wanted to proudly display the sign at the children’s home, but she especially wanted it for a celebration the next day. Raikhan was worried.

Just before Raikhan had called, I had concluded a three our time of prayer and planning. So when Raikhan explained that the director would be very disappointed if they didn’t produce the sign, I just blurted out what was in my heart: “I’ll pray to my Heavenly Father and He will show you where it is.” I was not trying to make a spiritual point. These words just flowed from my heart.

About 90 minutes later, I arrived at the orphanage for an afternoon visit. As I entered, Rosa greeted me. She is in charge of the building, so if something was missing, it was her responsibility. She was very worried about the lost sign. I said to her, “We need to pray.”
I prayed at that moment as I had earlier. Then, I went to spend time with the children. About an hour later I saw Rosa, and she was beaming. She looked at me and said, “Papa found it! Your Papa found it.” I didn’t understand what she meant, at first, and she said clearer, “You prayed to your Papa in heaven, and he found the sign.” Rosa was beside herself. A few minutes later I saw Raikhan, and she said, “Look, your prayers were answered, now the director will not be disappointed with us.”

The next day, we went to the celebration. There were many guests such as a choir of retirees, other musicians and singers. The orphans also sang and danced. At one point, two people took the microphones and thanked all of the sponsors. Then Zikhan, the director, came to me and said that she was going to invite me to speak to the group. Immediately, I thought of a short, but sweet statement to make.

Zikhan invited Clover and me to come to the front and then began to praise us. It was uncomfortable, as she spoke about the parties, gifts, concerts (she pointed to the sign that was displayed behind us) and the improvements to the playground. Then she said that we had a team of people who come three days a week to love the children.

What I had planned to say fit perfectly, as I said, “I’m sorry, that I speak Russian so poorly, but that the Word of God says that God gave us breath, and I believe it was so that we would love each other, so, let us love one another.”
People were smiling and nodding as I spoke. Then, Clover and I went to our seats. After a few minutes a teenage boy named Sergei began to cry loudly. A few teachers tried to help him, and Aizat, one of the psychologists, went to him. I had considered going to him, as well, but thought I would just get in the way. But then, Aizat asked me to talk with Sergei. So, I went to him. At first he pushed me away, but I sat by him and held him against me. I prayed for him. Immediately he calmed down, although he was still crying, softly. We didn’t know what was wrong, but it seemed that what Sergei needed was to be held by a “papa.”  I was so glad that so soon after telling the guests that we should love each other, I was able to put it into practice, immediately.

“How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are (1 John 3:1)!

He is a wonderful Papa, who loves us so much as to send His love to each of us through Jesus; and through one another, as well! Just as He hears and answers our prayers, He wants us to be ready to serve Him wherever and whenever, that a world full of people like Sergei, will calm down in the presence of His fatherly love. Let us pray and let us serve; Let us love!

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2 Responses to Papa Found It

  1. Rue says:

    That’s very cool. I get the feeling God’s been ignoring me for the last month (hence my starting a sarcastic blog)

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